“The Suit of Lights”

The so-called stratospheric flight suits were designed to protect pilots from the effects very high-altitude flights have on the human body. Mirage III pilots wore these during some flights; they were made of two suits: :
- The first one was a nylon and inflatable full-body garment. Its purpose was to ensure proper oxygenation and blood circulation.
- The second was a leather suit. It was a protection for both the first suit against any tear and the pilot against the adverse environment at very high altitudes (temperature, ray, etc.). This second garment was made of white leather and no doubt showed how much the Armée de l’Air was attached to the French “chic".

This is the kind of jumpsuit that we are presenting here (SG Type 21). It is in excellent condition with a very pliable leather. There is only one tiny tear on one of the sleeves. The tricotine at the end of the sleeves also is in very good condition.

It goes without saying that these jumpsuits have become very rare, but not so much as the helmet that completed the stratospheric outfit.

This helmet dates back to the ’60. It is a EFA Type 12 with its distinctive visor. Note that there is no oxygen hose on its right-hand side. It has been cut off in the course of its demilitarization, a greatly less dramatic practice than the hammering of the hull! It is fitted with its complete communication system (headphones and microphone). The two visors are in excellent condition.

The helmet is shown on a display head (white resin) and if it is best not to remove it, it is however possible.  The silicon ring of the skull cap has dried up and is now extremely flaky, so trying to remove the helmet from its display would most likely damage the cap. But once again, it is possible to do so and we will leave it to the future owner to decide.


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