Some Great War Memorabilia

These two pieces, related to the Aviation world, were not initially destined to be decoration objects. Yet, this is what they have become.

The first piece is an aircraft manufacturer sign known by some for one of the WWII aircraft produced by this company, the Defiant. However, the sign presented here is much older than the WWII era. The company first located in Norwich sold its aviation subsidiary in 1934. The new branch located its manufacture in Pendeford (Wolverhampton), dropped the name ‘Boulton Paul Ltd’ and was named ‘Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd’ *.

The sign bears the name of the original company, Boulton Paul Ltd that built the FE.2B’s as well as the famous Sopwith Camel during WWI. This is indeed a very old piece, quite a fine British aviation souvenir that will likely appeal more to our British friends than to the French collectors who might find the next item more engaging.

"BOULTON PAUL LTD" enamel sign -  21 cm x 34 cm (47.64" x 13.39") - Price : € 300 (Currency assistant)
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Only a few words will do to present this street plaque, ‘RUE GEORGES GYUNEMER’. It is in perfect condition. There are a few traces of silicone around the edges that can be removed with some efforts.

*For more information on Boulton Paul, visit :

street plaque "Georges Guynemer", 30 cm x 50 cm (11.81" x 19.69") - Sold



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