Mirage III Mementos

Rightly or wrongly, nostalgia often leads to believe that gone times were the best times. In France, in aviation, many connoisseurs are convinced that no other plane will ever surpass and represent the French air force as did the Mirage III. This is probably to be debated but one thing is certain, this aircraft brought pride and enthusiasm that live on among enthusiasts, in France and as well as in the other countries where the aircraft operated.

With this in mind, it is natural that symbolic Mirage III parts are fiercely kept by collectors. If you are not part of a collector’s network or if you don’t have any part of interest to offer in exchange, you will find it hard to get any parts of this iconic aircraft.

Comptoir de l’Aviation is offering three iconic parts of various interest: a Mach indicator, a genuine control handle and a Chaffois probe (the tip of the plane). No doubt on their origin, as they are all distinctive and particularly recognizable on a number of photographs available on line.

The control handle is dated May 1967 and was repaired in February 1983. It is offered here without the display base.

Pilot grip SAMM dated 1967 - Sold

It is easily identified on this photo, as well as the Mach indicator.

Mach-airspeed indicator Jeager Type 100A dated 1964 - Price : € 140 (Currency assistant)
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As for the Chaffois probe dated June 1961, no need to dwell on its references as its unique shape gives it away!


Chaffois probe Badin type 82 dated 1961, length 57 cm (22.44") - Sold

Photographs :
- Cockpit view : fighters.forumactif.com
- Aircraft general view : www.cocardes.com.



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