The Nord "two six two"

The Nord Aviation 262, also known as the "Nord two six two" is not a very successful aircraft in the aviation business. Only a few airlines used it, including Air Inter, for domestic routes (it was actually the Nord 260 with a non-pressurized cabin and different engines).

The French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) and the French Navy (Marine Nationale) definitely had the greatest number of this type of aircraft in their fleet. This is indeed why the model presented here displays the French Air Force livery, even though it is originally a factory model. This Réducta piece first displayed the Nord Aviation livery but for promotional reasons was then changed to the Armée de l’Air livery and as we know it today.

This is a 1:20 scale metal and painted wooden cutaway model (wingspan is 109 cm/42.91 in, length is 96 cm/37.80 in). The left side of the fuselage shows the interior layout of the aircraft. The right side of the aircraft is solid except for the windows that are transparent as on actual planes.

The interior layout is simple and true to the plane norms of the time, for this type of aircraft servicing domestic routes. Unlike some models, this one is not lighted. However, its size and the opening allow a very good view of the interior layout: toilets, seats, luggage storage located by the front door and the cockpit that is also fully fitted but can only be seen through its access door or through the cockpit windows.

Given its age (ca. 1960), the model is in very good condition and shows only a few signs of aging due to its craftsmanship (thin cracks of the paint) and to its exposure to light (slight dulling of the day glow orange colour in some parts).

This is a beautiful and rare piece that can be displayed as is. For those who feel up to it, they will be able to amend it very easily so as to display the model on its landing gears and/or show it in its Air Inter livery (see the small M.E.E. model previously presented by Le Comptoir de l’Aviation).

Nord Aviation 262, maker Réducta, painted wood and metal, c. 1960
Scale 1/20 : wingspan 109 cm (42.91"), length 96 cm (37.8")


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