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Following the wind tunnel model, we present here an instrument that is part of this exceptional aircraft: the machmeter.

This instrument was never used during a flight; however, it interest resides in the fact that it was used to perform environmental tests (very high and very low temperatures, vibrations, etc.) during the design of the supersonic jet.

Because it was designed for tests and older than the mass-produced instrument, it aspect and ergonomics are slightly different. If you wish to compare, you can look up the website (in French) of a true enthusiast : "Concorde Aviation & simulation", where you will find photos of pre-production and mass-produced models of the machmeter.

The instrument offered here come with its tag and, as expected, it shows a very small serial number, 02.

It is a real opportunity for collectors with a passion for Concorde to be able to acquire such a symbolic instrument for an unbeatable price compared to those found in auction houses.

Servoed machmeter Jaeger,  61-410-000-1, serial # 02



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