A Century-Old Dashboard Clock

This is a rare dashboard clock. Having it in excellent condition and with its original leather case is even more exceptional. This is also why we presented this type of clock over three years ago.

This clock was fitted on WWI French aircraft. It is in excellent condition bar a customary and slight enamel shard on number ‘7’. The piece was cleaned and entirely serviced. It is perfectly tuned and on time while on a horizontal position, and drops 10 seconds every 24 hours while on a vertical position.

As it is expected, the clock bears the inscription of the supplier name, “Allion à Versailles”, as well as the inscription “Appartient à l’Aviation Militaire” (“It is the property of the Military Aviation”), sometimes also seen on this model as ‘Propriété de l’Aviation Militaire’ (Property of the Military Aviation).

The leather case (in excellent condition) that holds the clock in place is, of course, the highlight of this piece. This removable clock could be attached with its leather case on the dashboard.

This is a very fine piece, which, unlike other on-board instruments, can always be used to indicate the time, its original purpose. A piece not to be missed by true enthusiasts!


Dashboard clock (c. 1915) "Allion à Versailles", "Propriété de l'Aviation Militaire"
Clock diameter 7,5 cm / 2.95", leather case diameter 10 cm / 3.94"



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