Collection or ornament…take your pick!

This is a price item that can be kept as it is or shaped to become a nice ornament.This piece comes from a rather distinctive aircraft of the Century Series Fighters because it is a part of the fuselage spine of a F-100 Super Sabre. 

To the relics lovers, there is no doubt that this piece must remain in its original state, not only because it is in the same condition it was when in operation, but most importantly because it is in good condition and it is still 90% covered with its original paint.


However, it is not one of the French air force, as the versions used in the French air force did not hold any antenna nor strobe light in that spot.

Given that the USAF started decommissioning this aircraft as soon as 1970, and the last units part of an armed force were removed in the early ’80s, this piece is a genuine relic. Moreover, it comes from an emblematic aircraft in its time, as one cannot help but associate it and its pilots with the Vietnam war.

Still, the most daring will launch into its scraping and polishing, even its wiring to give life to the strobe light or turn it into a wall unit even it means some space on the wall will be required.

* IBulbs that can replicate a strobe light effect are available in shops.


Republic F-100 Super Sabre part
(length 83 cm / 32.68", width 36 cm / 14.17", height including antenna 36cm / 14.17") - Sold



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