Themed collection

Fans of the Bell AH-1 "Cobra" attack helicopter will appreciate this collection (please note that each element is sold separately)

First off is this beautiful model, probably from the manufacturer, at a scale of 1/30 (46cm long fuselage). This is a multi-material construction, the fuselage is full resin, the accessories (Landing skids, armament, rotor head and tail rotor) are in metal, while the blades are made from wood. The model was most likely a departure gift, judging by the wooden base and brass plate with the words: "In memory of your service to Bell Helicopter Textron 1966 to 1985".

The model is in excellent condition, has only a few small defects and is of course sold with the wooden base, but you can remove it from its base in order to present it by itself or on a different stand. We are suggesting presenting options below.

Then there is a pair of laser targeting system class covers, located at the front of the helicopter as seen in the photograph*.

These two elements sold separately are collection pieces in themselves but they can also be used as a great presentation stand for a model, notably the one presented here. Taking into account the subject, colours and dimensions, could there be a better way to present it ?

Now the last two pieces of this themed collection. Two flight instruments, one from the side panels, the other from the main control panel. The Glide/Localizer instrument is missing a connection and fixation screw. This allows for the mechanism to be exposed without the use of tools.

* Photograph : Wikipedia Commons




Bell AH-1 "Cobra" model, scale 1/30 made of full resin, metal and wood - Length 46 cm / 18.11"
(length with the rotor 55 cm / 21.65") - Price : Euros 300 (Currency assistant)
Laser targeting system glass covers - Sold
Control instrument from the side panels - Price : Euros 30 (Currency assistant)
Glide/Localizer Weston Electric Instrum. Corp, Model 888 Type 322 insturment - Sold


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