Convair CV 990 "Coronado"

Objects can have several lives and this one has had three so far: first as an agency model, then as another agency model and lastly as a collection piece

The object in question is a Convair 990 "Coronado". Rare as a model, it is even rarer at this 1/50 scale. This cast aluminium model from Raise Up is usually seen in the Swissair colours but much more rarely in those of Balair.

This model actually began its life at Swissair in the early 60’s when the company received its first Coronados. It then moved to Balair when, in the late 60s, the company took a lease on one of the Swissair planes. Deliveries to both companies being close in time, and as a money saving measure, it was decided to partially repaint the Swissair models.The process involved applying a new layer of white over the cabin to cover the name and logo of the previous company and then brand it as Balair. The demarcation of the new layer of paint is visible under close scrutiny. Most importantly, the Balair models of the Coronado all have the same defining characteristic: the top part of the access doors have all but disappeared because of this operation


The money saving approach is also the reason why the aircraft registration numbers were kept as they were on the first Coronado received by Swissair in January 1962: HB-ICA. When the only one that flew under the Balair colours had the registration: HB-ICH.

This is therefore a very interesting model, especially considering the plane was only used for 3 years by Balair: from 28th March 1968 to 30th March 1971. It is therefore easy to date the production and transformation years of the object. A typical Swiss collection piece… but not only !


Convair CV 990 Coronado, Raise Up, aluminium, scale 1:50 (c. 1960)
Length 85 cm (33.46"), wingspan 76 cm (29.92")


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