Vickers Viscount M.E.A.

Models from certain airline companies are very sought after by collectors, especially when they date back to the 1950's. They are also rarer on the market, not only because of limited initial production quantities, but also because those that have survived are closely guarded by collectors.

This is the case for the Vickers Viscount model in the Middle East Airlines (M.E.A.) company colours with the registration OD-ACF. It is made of metal on a scale of 1/72 from the English manufacturer Walkers Westway Models. The model is in very good condition aside from a few minor defects that come with age. Along with its base, it makes a very nice set with harmonious proportions. This is the opportunity to acquire a particularly rare piece!



Vickers Viscount Middle East Airlines
1:72 metal model by Walker Westway Models (c. 1955)
Wingspan 39,5 cm (15.55"), length 35 cm (13.80") - Sold


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