A beautiful object of curiosity

Here is an original instrument. It is not an aircraft instrument strictly speaking, but rather an instrument for aircraft.

This unusual object is in fact a stroboscope which was used in order to determine the number of turns per minute of an object, and more specifically, in the domaine of aviation, of a propellor or an engine.

Its is used as follows: the lever on the side initiates the mechanism which is inert and which makes an open disc scroll in front of the eyelet. Once the mechanism has been initiated we bring the instrument up to eye level, attach the moving object and initiate the second control on the side of the instrument, a small wheel, until the image becomes fixed. It is then necessary to look at the front side of the instrument in order to read the number of turns shown by the needle.

This is an exceptional technical instrument. It dates back to the 1930's which we can deduce by the shape of the needle, the thickness of the protective glass and the shape of the handle. An advertisement from the era of production describes it as a "Stroborama radar for controlling and measuring speeds from a distance and without contact".

The piece is in perfect condition and presented in its original case which is also in remarkably good condition! It makes the perfect display case object as well as being a fun, recreational piece.


Stroborama stroboscope with its original case (c. 1930)
Instrument diameter 9,5 cm (3.74") - Price : sold


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