A "*Little Bee" flown in from the cold

Old wind tunnel models, made of wood, are unique technical objects. The fact that they have been made by hand with care and precision by aeronautical model manufacturers means that each one is unique, even though they were sometimes made in several copies or with interchangeable parts.

Although they are rarely available for sale, it is in traditional aeronautical countries that we are lucky enough to find them, primarily in the United States, England, Russia, Germany, France and Italy. However for some of these countries, historical and political factors have constituted, and still constitute, obstacles in the commercialization and exportation of such pieces.

For these reasons, being able to offer you a Russian wind tunnel model is quite a triumph, not to mention a privilege!

This model is the Antonov 14 "Pchelka*", a high wing and twin tail twin engine from the late 1950s. The plane has an unusual profile due its flying qualities and its Short Take Off and Landing (S.T.O.L) abilities, as well as the bulging side windows of the cockpit.

The model is made on a scale of 1/10 and, even though the plane was not large in size, this still gives it a length of 1.14 m (3.74 ft) and a wingspan of 2.20 m (7.22 ft). This wingspan does not however limit transport or storage possibilities as the wings can be removed at the engine and the tail fin can also be separated from the fuselage. When removed the model still measures 1.14 m (3.74 ft) but its wingspan is reduced to 63.5 cm (25").

It is uncommon due to the quality of the wind tunnel model as well as being very rare due to its manufacturer's Russian nationality. This makes it an exceptional piece!

You can see more photos in the wind tunnel model photo gallery.


Antonov AN-14, russian wind tunnel model (circa 1957) - Scale :1/10
Wingspan 220 cm (7.22 ft), length 114 cm (3.74 ft) - Price : Eur. 8,000 (Currency assistant)


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