AIM-9 Sidewinder: an artistic, unique and never-before-seen version made in just 20 copies

Whether their purpose be for decoration or collection, the Comptoir de l’Aviation usually offers you original and often very old objects as well as real aircraft parts. This is not the case on this occasion, as the piece in question is a recent creation as well as being a work of contemporary art. A limited series of just 20 copies were made of this artistic creation: a luminous representation of the famous AIM-9 "Sidewinder" missile.


Benoît de Clercq, its designer, sought to "symbolically divert [the missile] away from its lethal purpose by using it to create lamps, or light generators". His approach uses "artistic input in order to remind us, once again, of the fundamental role of art in ensuring that light wins over obscurantism".

The challenge of creating such an object has been fully accomplished, with an outstanding interpretation of the contours of this American missile, represented on a scale of ½. This work of art, aircraft model and lighting fixture measures 137 cm in length and is made primarily of metal, aside from a part of the nose, which is made from specific composite materials, and a lighting tube made from Plexiglas. 

Each copy of this unique, limited edition work is numbered and comes complete with a certificate signed by its designer, Benoît de Clercq, which guarantees the authenticity of each of the twenty copies.

Despite the fact that it is indeed a work of art, not all wives will be easily convinced by the presentation and use of this object as a lighting fixture, even if they are keen modern art amateurs. Nevertheless, its sleek shape and narrow design offer art lovers many other display possibilities, including in small and cluttered spaces.


AIM-9 "Sidewinder", created and produced in 20 copies by l'Atelier de Clercq
Metal, specific composite materials and Plexiglas - Height 137 cm / 53.94", weight 7Kg (env.) / 15.5 Lbs
Lighted with low power consumption LEDS 220 V - 13 watts /1400 Lumens 
Price : Shortly available


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