A classic model but no so common

The brief career of the Starliner, soon eclipsed due to the entry into service of the first intercontinental jets, which may explain the fact that one rarely comes across old models of this aircraft in the colors of Air France. It is registered under F-BHBM and baptised "de grasse" which thus represents the plane that disappeared on the 10th of May 1961 following a terrorist attack over the Sahara.  

The model is in solid resin (thus quite heavy), only the blades spinners and the base are made in metal. It should be noted that the model was produced in its own state without propeller or plastic disc.

This achievement is sometimes attributed to the manufacturer La Maquette d'Etude et d'Exposition but actually it is about a Guy Duruisseau "production". It is very likely that the model is initially an American origin production adapted by Guy Duruisseau, since the plane is represented in 1/72 instead of the traditional scale of 1/100 or 1/50 of the metric system. In any case, this scale can benefit from the presence of a certain object with a wingspan of 63.5 cm (25").


The model, which has had a little restoration done (invisible) at one of its derivatives, is in very good condition, with only a slight lack of decals to report in the rear right body after the registration markings and before the horizontal stabiliser. This is a beautiful piece that is quite uncommon.


Lockheed Constellation L.1649 Starliner Air France F-BHBM "de Grasse"
Model in full resine, scale 1:72 - By Guy Duruisseau
Wingspan 63,5 cm (25"), lengt 47,5 cm (18.7")


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