Back in Time

Let’s go back in time, when aviation started, and precisely on that day of August 8, 1908, and admire these precious ‘small’ glass rectangles! This is a set of five negatives -four and a half to be accurate- on glass plates (the standard format of that time) that captured Wilbur Wright’s visit to Le Mans for his first flying demonstration in Europe.

The negatives are quite large, 13 cm x 17.5 cm/5.12 in x 6.89 in (the damaged negative is about 13 cm x 13 cm/5.12 in x 5.12 in). They show the two-seater Flyer Model A, in the air and on the ground.

Two of the pictures show the Flyer just above the ground, one when flying straight, and while taking a turn in the other photo.


The other three pictures show the aircraft on the ground with a crowd of people standing either in the foreground or in the background:

- Getting ready for take-off. A line of men is pulling on a rope to set the plane at the front end of the launching rail that will assist with take-off. We can see a pylon and its weight in the foreground. When falling the weight will catapult the plane in the air.

- The aircraft before take-off. Wilbur Wright is about to get on board. This is the truncated plate, but the main subject of the scene is quite visible.

- At take-off. The plane is pulled by the fallen weight just before leaving the launching rail that is guiding it. This is an original shot taken from the ground.

In addition to being old, these pictures are quite interesting because these are originals, unique documents that cannot be copied. Only prints could be considered. What else is there to say about these moments fixed in time over a hundred years ago, exceptional documents that could likely be part of many museums’ database! 

Wilbur Wright in Le Mans, August 8, 1908, five negatives on glass plate (13 cm x 17,5 cm / 5.12" x 6.89")
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