This part has a soul!

We sometimes say that objects have a soul. This is most probably because we ourselves assign them a soul, a combination of projections of which it is the subject as well as images and other memories that it evokes in us. It is for this reason that the same object may not necessarily have a soul, or the same soul, for everyone.This is the case for this item, of which the soul may vary depending on the person's interest in second world war aviation, plane parts and objects with a history.

It is a pilot control stick from a Messerschmitt Bf-109. Its origins are of course in no doubt, even if the exact version of this plane remains unconfirmed. The part was found buried and is still covered with earth, damaged and deformed.

Avove and beyond the fact that this part comes from a second world war plane - even rarer as it is a pilot control grip - it is its condition and what is conveys that should convince most of us that this object really does have a soul
. Its condition speaks volumes of the moments that led up to its transformation.

As well as it being evident that the plane was destroyed, everything can be imagined with accuracy. For example, how could you not imagine that, before being turned into a relic, the last commands used were the trigger for the cannons, the button for the machine guns or the radio? How could you not imagine the violence of the impact that buried and destroyed this piece? And how could you not be moved by holding it in your hand just as the last pilot to fly this engine did, before it became a heap of metal buried under the ground? How is it possible to be void of emotion when faced with such a piece?


As for me, this part has a soul!


Second World War relic: Messerschmitt Bf-109 pilot control stick (c. 1940)
Height of the part: 26 cm (10"24) - Sold


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