Technical parts, next part …

Since we were in the technical engine parts with previous articles, let's continue this theme but with significantly different parts. Indeed, not only they do not come from the same type of engine, but mostly they haven't been treated at all.

These are two beautiful raw items: two valves from piston engines of different models, here in their actual size.

The left one is from a Pratt & Whitney R-1830 engine, which certainly does not speak to many, except by saying that it was the DC-3 engine. This valve, which certainly had a busy operational life, has a nice patina that will appeal to fans of items in "as flown condition”.

The second one on the right comes from a Wright Cyclone R-3350 engine 18. It has equipped famous aircrafts of which we still reckon the Constellation and the Douglas AD-7 Skyraider. Its size is essentially identical to the previous one but its patina is less visible, even if the part is in "as flown condition" too.



Pratt & Whitney R-1830 valve (DC-3) - Price : Eur. 80 (Currency assistant)
Wright R-3350 Cyclone 18 valve (Constellation in particular) - Price : Eur. 95(Currency assistant)


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